Conn / Musicraft “Stencil Horn” Bb Trumpet (1920s, Lacquered Brass)


Conn / Musicraft “Stencil Horn” Bb Trumpet (1920s, Lacquered Brass)


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Here for sale we have an older Conn Stencil Horn “Musicraft” Bb Trumpet that was probably made in the 20s or 30s  

Check the pictures for aesthetic condition. There are a few worn spots, dings and scratches, but the horn plays and sounds great for the age. All of the the valves all move pretty well. The slides are all stuck, unfortunately. Since this horn is 100 years old, it is pretty amazing it plays well at all. 

The original trumpet valve pads were missing an inlay, so I replaced them with a modern set, but I am including the originals as well. The original case is super neat. This thing is really a piece of history. 

I did a little research and learned as much as I could about “stencil horns.” Conn would make all these different brands — seems very much like how Harmony and Teisco made many brands of guitar; very much in the spirit of how dimestore guitars would later be marketed.

As with all of my trumpets I get in, I soaked this trumpet in warm water and castille soap, then snaked the whole horn. I then reassemble the horn, using slide oil and valve oil to make sure the parts all move freely. Finally, I test the horn, and sanitize the mouth piece with antibacterial soap and alcohol.

Sold “as described.”

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