Cort / Memphis / Samick Lawsuit Era MIK Stratocaster Style Electric Guitar (1970s, Honeyburst)


Cort / Memphis / Samick Lawsuit Era MIK Stratocaster Style Electric Guitar (1970s, Honeyburst)


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Nothing much to say on this one — just a good quality Stratocaster copy with mojo to spare. The patina on this one is just perfect. *Chef’s Kiss* This one (well, most of it, more on that later…) was certainly made in Korea, as it shares some similarities with other MIK lawsuit era Strats I have seen in my career. The original guitar came to me with the logo sanded off, but I suspect it was Memphis / Cort / Samick / etc. make. 

When I got the original guitar, the body was water damaged. Look like it had sat upright in a puddle. The original body was mahogany ply and it had large chunks of the finish missing, so it had sucked up the water like a sponge and swollen up (and not to mention had a slightly musty smell). I tried to save it with some strategic sanding and finish stripping, but it was too far gone. Ended up having to trash the original body, put it in the burn pile. Everything else on the guitar (neck, electronics, etc) were fine; it just had a swollen butt. 😬

Luckily, I had this 90s/00s Guitar Fetish body lying around, and I just straight swapped everything to that body. It took some fitting and seating but the end result looks great…and since the new body is Paulownia, the guitar only weighs about 6 lbs. MUCH lighter than the original mahogany body. 

Guitar plays and sounds great too; really sings and resonates forever. The neck is super fat and chunky, as a lot of lawsuit necks are, and the pickups sound great. As always, I replaced the strings, polished it up, flushed the electronics and set the action as low as possible. This guitar comes with no case or gig bag, but I pack my guitars up tight and insure every package with full insurance.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads! 

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