Crescent Stratocaster Guitar Body (1990s, Redburst)


Crescent Stratocaster Guitar Body (1990s, Redburst)


JACK’S GUITARCHEOLOGY 2020 STRAT COPY BLOWOUT: I reorganized and cleaned my shop, and I realized…I have A LOT of Strat copies lying around. Like More than I should or could ever work on by myself. So, I have decided to clear a few out of the way and part them out. They are all from around 1990-2010, and are made of decent quality parts, perfect for partscasters and other custom creations.

Stratocaster Body— Should fit most vintage style Strat and Strat parts with little to no modifications or coaxing.

A Redburst Stratocaster body in pretty good shape. The body appears to be structurally sound and is pretty light weight.

Routed for uni-rout, so literally any pickup configuration will fit. It appears to be cut for a standard pickguard. Perfect for your partscaster build or as a replacement from your strat!

Sold “as described.” Absolutely no returns.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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Stratocaster Guitar Body


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