D’Andrea Radio Star 351 Plectrum (1930s, Army Brown Celluloid)


D’Andrea Radio Star 351 Plectrum (1930s, Army Brown Celluloid)


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Introducing: Jayme’s Plectrum Picks®, a division of Jack’s Guitarcheology.

Jayme is Jack’s partner in business and in life, and she is quite the vintage guitar pick aficionado. She has spent all of her spare time the last few months reading articles on D’Andrea and watching Joe Macey (RIP to a legend) videos. So, without further adieu, let’s talk plectrums with Jayme:

Video killed the radio star

This is a vintage, pre-print, D’Andrea 351 pick imprinted with RADIO STAR on one side. Pre-print refers to the era before 1950 when designs were imprinted without ink. This is a D’Andrea-exclusive celluloid pattern called “Army Brown” and it was used in the 1930s – within the Golden Age when picks were made with American celluloid.

The 351 shape is the standard pick shape you see today. If you look really close, you’ll see that the right shoulder is ever so slightly uneven with the left shoulder. Given its age, someone may have shaped this pick by hand.

All our picks are stored in a case with plenty of circulating air. I will ship it in a coin flip to ensure stability in transit, but please do not store it in this container long-term. Celluloid is an unstable plastic that is prone to disintegration when it doesn’t get enough air. The shipping cost allows us to ship with a bubble mailer and a tracking number. International packages will come first class.

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