Eleca “Skull & Crossbones” Acoustic Guitar w/ Silverfoil Pickup (2000s, Black)


Eleca “Skull & Crossbones” Acoustic Guitar w/ Silverfoil Pickup (2000s, Black)



Just in time for spooky season! For sale here is an electrified Eleca “Skull & Crossbones” acoustic guitar. I usually reserve this electrification method for older acoustics, but this one has pretty low action and looks absolutely badass, so I decided to electrify it.

The silverfoil addition to acoustic guitars is a little pet project of mine. I have probably made over 5-6 dozen of these at this point. I found these silverfoil pickups online and have been adding them to (mostly vintage) acoustic guitars that are not in collector shape, but still play great.

The silverfoil simply clip mounts in the sound hole, and then I added a jack plate on the bottom and wired in a simple volume control. I have been controlling the tone of mine with my pedal board, but they sound pretty good unaffected. Very clear and shimmery.

This one is a lot of fun because I also happened to have a knob with a skull and crossbones on it! Over all, the look on this thing is killer. Perfect for your pirate folk metal band or George Thorogood cover set. This guitar will have your onlookers saying “…is that Johnny Depp? Oh wait….nevermind.”

Other than the electrification, all I had to do was shine it up, set the action and change the strings. The tone is wonderfully full and the action is decently low and comfortable. There are some to-be-expected dings and scratches, but they just add character. (See pics for full condition.)

As always I oiled the board, changed the strings, polished the finish and tweaked the set up. This guitar comes with no case or gig bag, but I pack my guitars to survive a thermonuclear explosion and I insure every package for the full purchase amount.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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“Skull & Crossbones” Acoustic Guitar


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