Epiphone Explorer Custom “Woody” Sticker-Bombed Electric Guitar (1990s, Black)


Epiphone Explorer Custom “Woody” Sticker-Bombed Electric Guitar (1990s, Black)


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Here for sale is a punked out, badass Epiphone Explorer from the 1990s-2000s. This one is an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of deal. Thus, all the parts are aftermarket/upgrade:

  • Seymour Duncan Humbucker
  • Advanced Plating (Gibson Std) Gold T-o-M Bridge
  • Gold Grover Tuners
  • High Quality Components – CTS Pot, etc
  • Bone Nut

When I bought this guitar, it had some stickers on it, but it was in a weird “too many to be clean / too few to be a sticker’d instrument.” I was faced with the option of scraping stickers off, or putting more on. Putting more on is more fun…have you ever scraped off bumper stickers? My arm hurts just thinking about it. So, I spent like 3 hours carefully placing stickers and other ephemera (there is a quarter screwed to it as well.)

What you have now is a sticker’d out, punx’d up shred machine. Plays and sounds incredible. The great thing about sticker bombs is you can just keep adding your own stickers until the guitar gets too heavy to play. As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action as low as I could. This guitar is proudly strung with Stringjoy Custom Guitar Strings, made right here in Nashville, TN.

I named this one “Woody” after the most metal folk singer that ever lived inspired by the mantra on the headstock. This guitar has no case or gig bag, but I pack my guitars up tight and insure every package for the full sale amount. Due to shipping concerns/cost and the custom nature of this guitar, this guitar will be sold “as described.” No returns. More pictures available upon request.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads! 

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