Fender 351 Medium Plectrum / Pick (1970s, Coke on Ice Celluloid)


Fender 351 Medium Plectrum / Pick (1970s, Coke on Ice Celluloid)


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Introducing: Jayme’s Plectrum Picks®, a
division of Jack’s Guitarcheology.

Jayme is Jack’s partner in business and in
life, and she is quite the vintage guitar pick aficionado. She has spent all of
her spare time the last few months reading articles on D’Andrea and watching
Joe Macey (RIP to a legend) videos. So, without further adieu, let’s talk
plectrums with Jayme:

This is a standard 351 shape pick made by
D’Andrea, medium-gauge, featuring the Perrine logo and an uncircled R. This Fender logo has a registered trademark, which means it
was produced in or after 1971 (when Fender was granted the trademark). There
seems to be some debate on when Fender started circling the R in their logo. I
have not found any history of the U.S. Patent Office using an uncircled R, so I
think this may be a manufacturing characteristic. Short answer – I think this pick was made in the late 1970s or early 1980s because of the size of the gauge font and the odd placement of the trademark. It closely resembles some of the 80s PVC picks.

If you compare any of the trademarked picks with the
uncircled R, you’ll notice the R is not placed uniformly. It’s as if the R was
a separate stamp from the logo. This leads me to believe that CBS/Fender was in
a hurry to print a trademarked logo and didn’t have time to fuss with a special
circled R stamp. You’ll see uncircled Rs on Fender picks into the 1980s,
though. Maybe the presence of a circled or uncircled R just depended on who set
up the machine for that batch and which stamps they chose to use.

All our picks are
stored in a case with plenty of circulating air. I will ship it in a coin flip
to ensure stability in transit, but please do not store it in this container
long-term. Celluloid is an unstable plastic that is prone to disintegration
when it doesn’t get enough air. The shipping cost allows us to ship with a
bubble mailer and a tracking number. International packages will come first

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351 Medium Plectrum / Pick


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