Haggtronix KLAGG Silverfish Horsie Style Overdrive (2022, Flat Metal)


Haggtronix KLAGG Silverfish Horsie Style Overdrive (2022, Flat Metal)


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Jack’s Guitarcheology is the FIRST Haggtronix dealer!

Haggtronix pedals and devices are handwired in Nashville, TN by soldering guru Paul Haggard. Paul specializes in LOUD and THICK fuzzes and distortions, custom noisemaker instruments and vintage-correct recreations of long-dead pedals. There are demos of all of Haggtronix pedals on their Instagram: @haggtronix

THE KLAGG: SILVERFISH – Just keep swimming! 

Here for sale is a solid take on the ever-kloned “Silver Horsie” overdrive. If you have always wanted an original, but felt like an arm, leg AND first born was a bit much to pay, how about this reasonably priced, handwired klone from a talented pedalsmith? 

Here is a word from The Hagg himself:

Klagg the ‘Silver Fish’ is my take on the classic “Klone” overdrive silver pony variant.

  • Hand wired with mojo layout PCB.
  • Variant includes increased gain, increased volume and treble for dry signal, better wet/dry ratio, slight change in overall brightness.
  • Hand screen printed art with a poke at the hilarity of the hype.
  • Housed in a 1590BBS enclosure.
  • Pedal runs on standard 9v negative tip power supply and 9v Battery.
  • Enclosure measures 119.6mm x 94mm x 42.4mm (4.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.67″)

Happy fishing! 

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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KLAGG Silverfish Horsie Style Overdrive


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