Harmony H-802 “Bullitt Edition” Rat-Rod Electric Guitar (1970s, Bullitt Green)


Harmony H-802 “Bullitt Edition” Rat-Rod Electric Guitar (1970s, Bullitt Green)


“I thought that, money didn’t matter to artists.”

“It costs money to have a soul.”

Here for sale is a 1970s Harmony H-802 electric guitar. If you follow my store or Instagram page at all, you know I love H-802s and H-804s. I have probably had over 50 of them. I usually always keep one around as a backup guitar. In the grand history book of electric guitar shapes, this one is by far one of the most under-appreciated.

This one was mostly customized, I just added a few things to get it along the way. Then, I just gave it a solid tune up and it was good to go. Due to all the upgrades (tuners, etc) the guitar holds tuner and plays better than it would have stock.

The finish is obviously a home done job, but whoever did it, did a good job. The color is uniform and looks professional until you get really close.

Due to the color scheme, I have been calling this one the “Bullitt Edition” because it reminds me of the 1968 Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in “Bullitt.”

The action is super low and it sounds really nice and full. the patina is beautiful, it has a really nice, worn-in relic look. The real selling point, though, is the neck. One of the best feeling necks I have ever gotten on a Harmony.

As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, oiled the board, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action as low as I could. Comes with a really flimsy dust slip gig bag, but I pack my stuff tight and insure every package for the full purchase amount.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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