Hondo II Strat/Tele Neck (1980s, Natural)


Hondo II Strat/Tele Neck (1980s, Natural)


Hondo II brand Strat neck in really good condition. This one looks brand new. I bought a bulk lot of necks recently, and I am selling off the ones I know I am not going to use at blowout prices!

I believe this one might have been made in Japan. It has a beautiful back grain, super pretty maple. Satin Finish. Looks like the heel is cut more for a Tele heel shape, but I think both the Hondo II Strat and Tele had this “square” heel shape.

There was a small crack at the base of the headstock, but I sealed and repaired it, It should be stronger than ever now! Great for a partscaster project. Most certainly an upgrade from a Squier neck.

The frets still have a good amount of life in them. Neck seems relatively straight, and the truss rod does still have some room to move. Priced to sell. Sold “as described.”

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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Natural Satin


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