IYV Guitars “PRS SE” Homage Electric Guitar w/ Upgrades & Tweed HSC (2010s, Lizardburst)


IYV Guitars “PRS SE” Homage Electric Guitar w/ Upgrades & Tweed HSC (2010s, Lizardburst)


I am not sure what else to say about this thing other than WOW. 

This thing is incredibly well-crafted. It has everything you would want from a quality PRS. It is all there. Mahogany body and neck with a beautiful rosewood fretboard and flame maple maple top w/ masked faux binding. 24 frets. Abalone dots. The tuners are real PRS tuners. The knobs and switch look upgraded. Lizardburst finish, which is one of the most awesome colors ever dreamed up. Really just the whole package, you can feel it when you put it in to your hands, it does not feel cheap at all — on par with some Gibsons and PRSs I have played.

The pickups appear to be upgraded as well. I suspect that they are Dimarzio Air Norton DP193, which run about $140 a piece. It also comes with one of the nicest tweed cases I have ever seen, that couldn’t have been cheap. You get all these upgrades and a truly hot rod, deckt out guitar for pennies on the dollar of the cost of a PRS.

I was trying to get help placing it from a friend of mine who is up on the Asian guitar market, and he said that these are made in Vietnam for the Korean market. Everything I can find on line seems to point to that being the case. Not a whole lot out there on them, actually, but they make astounding guitars!

As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, oiled the board, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action as low as I could. This guitar is proudly strung with Stringjoy Custom Guitar Strings, made right here in Nashville, TN.

As mentioned, this guitar comes with a solid tweed hardshell case. but I pack my guitars tight and insure every package for the full purchase amount, so you can buy with confidence.

Get that PRS feel and tone without the PRS price tag.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!  

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