Jack’s Guitarcheology “COWHELL” Electric Cowbell (2020, Noise/Experimental Instrument)


Jack’s Guitarcheology “COWHELL” Electric Cowbell (2020, Noise/Experimental Instrument)


I have recently gotten into making experiential instruments for harsh noise / industrial / ambient / etc. music. Behold the “COWHELL” electric cowbell.

It has a 1/4″ input and a simple volume control. It works great as a clean amplified cowbell tone, but can get very interesting very fast when run through a pedal chain. Sounds great with distortion, delay, reverb, etc. The volume allows you to control the feedback.

Another use I have found for it is it works as a lo-fi microphone, you can sing of scream into the bottom of it and it gives your vocals an old school “megaphone / AM radio” tone to it.

Outside of that, the possibilities are up to your imagination. I am sure someone will find a use for it that I have not thought of, and I look forward to it. See the video for a short demo.

Hammered brass “cowbell” finish.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!


COWHELL Electric Cowbell


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