Jack’s Guitarcheology “Galapagos” Custom Electric Guitar w/ Teisco Neck & Pup (1960s, Seafoam Green)


Jack’s Guitarcheology “Galapagos” Custom Electric Guitar w/ Teisco Neck & Pup (1960s, Seafoam Green)


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🐢 Grab shell, dude! 🐢

So, lately I have gotten into a little pet project of finding people’s half-finished or half-conceived luthiery projects and taking them the rest of the way. It makes me feel good to save these projects from the trashcan, and save some stranger’s long, hard work.

When I got this one, it was just an unfinished, rough milled body and the MIJ neck attached. The body was unfinished, and I decided to turn this one into a surfy little number. The body is made of bowling alley pine, thin dense laminate boards. 

The pickup is a Teisco Toaster single, and the position gives this guitar the world’s best surfy rhythm guitar tone. The jack output is in the strap end pin, like an acoustic guitar. When I got the guitar, the pickup was just hard wired to the jack with no volume control. I wanted to add the volume control. Since the guitar had no routing to speak of, the only place that made any sense to put the knob is under the tailpiece. So, I made a small rout then fabricated a control plate on the back. Honestly, I placed it there because I had no other option, but while I was playing it, I really came to like it. My hand didn’t hit it by accident while strumming and it was really accessible to jump to the knob from tremolo swells. Really, this thing is the perfect surfy, garage-y rhythm guitar. 

The body was refinished and reliced by yours truly. I used standard rattlecan paint, but I treated it as you would if you were spraying Nitro: level sanding between each coat, and clear coating the last coat. The neck is a vintage Teisco neck and all the hardware is vintage MIJ hardware. 

As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, oiled the board, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action low and smooth. This guitar has a basic gig bag, and I pack my guitars tight and insure every package. I named it “Galapagos” because…well…look at it.

Get a completely custom, one-of-a-kind surf axe without the one-of-a-kind price tag.

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