Jack’s Guitarcheology Pickup & Circuit Tester


Jack’s Guitarcheology Pickup & Circuit Tester


Here for sale is a handy little pickup/circuit tester. I made one for my bench, and I use it all the time, so I thought I might make a few to help some other luthiers and techs out there.

HOW IT WORKS: Just attach the red alligator clip to your main output or “hot” wire and attach the black alligator clip to ground, then plug the a 1/4″ cable into the jack and into an amp. That way, you can tap test your pickups without having to wire them in first, or you can test your circuit before you mount everything.

It is very quick, easy and saves you the time of mounting a circuit or pickup only to find out that it is dead or shorted.

Hand-soldered in the U.S of A. All tested and quality controlled. The handiest little tool you didn’t know you were missing.



Pickup & Circuit Tester


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