Jack’s Guitarcheology / Ryan’s Remastered Guitars “PAZUZU” Electric Guitar (Black over Purple Relic)


Jack’s Guitarcheology / Ryan’s Remastered Guitars “PAZUZU” Electric Guitar (Black over Purple Relic)


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Here for sale is a collaboration between a good friend and myself. This guitar was one that was “remastered” then left off by long-time friend of the business Ryan’s Remastered Guitars: https://reverb.com/shop/ryans-gear-garage-493

Ryan traded this body and neck plus a couple other projects to me for a Teisco I had in stock a while back. When I got this one, it was just a body and neck. The body had a trashed Plum Crazy Purple finish, that I thought looked pretty cool all beat up, so I decided to blast black over it and do a bit of finish-over-finish relic. I am super pleased with the end result. It is a one of a kind guitar.

I believe Ryan might have gotten the body and neck from a First Act, but he completely re-machined the body and headstock, then I replaced all the parts and hardwear, so it is essentially a brand new guitar.

Here is some tech stuff:

  • GFS Goldfoil Alinco V Humbuckers. Super vintage-y tone! I love these GFS goldfoils. I have them in at least four of my personal guitars.
  • AllParts Hardtail, string through bridge
  • The electronics are all modern, high performance. The capacitor is an orange drop.
  • The tuners are vintage American with MOP keys.
  • I made the control plate out of this cool Leopard material I have.
  • I leveled and touched up the frets.

This guitar plays great — super low action. I more or less built this from the ground up, so everything works like brand new. The bridge is adjustable and the truss rod turns great, so I was able to do a set up. The headstock was signed by Ryan has a cool recessed purple bevel. Check out Ryan’s Hot Sauce Company, Horrifying Hot Sauce. He makes a plum hot sauce called “Pazuzu” after the demon in The Exorcist, and that is where I got the name for this guitar….plus….you know…..Futurama. 

As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, oiled the board, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action low and smooth. This guitar comes with a padded deluxe gig bag, and I pack my guitars tight and insure every package for the full purchase amount.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gear heads!



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