Jack’s Guitarcheology “Zac Carper of FIDLAR” Tribute Stratocaster Partscaster (Spiderweb/Hard Times)


Jack’s Guitarcheology “Zac Carper of FIDLAR” Tribute Stratocaster Partscaster (Spiderweb/Hard Times)



For sale here is a partscaster I built using parts I have acquired in my travels! I was trying to emulate FIDLAR’s guitarist, Zac Carper’s “Spiderweb” Strat that he is known for playing live a lot. The last two photos are pictures of Zac playing the original one. (If you haven’t listened to FIDLAR before, the first album is undeniable, and I highly suggest you check them out.)

This is the second one of these I have made, since my first one was so well received. I guess I will keep making them as I find these Spiderweb bodies.

Here is what I know about it:

The body is Basswood, which means it is SUPER LIGHT. The guitar probably weighs about 5.5-6 lbs. The body came from a Rocker Gear RG-80-SW Strat copy, just like Zac’s did.

The pickup is a Peavey high output humbucker. I pulled it from a mid 1990s Peavy Rockmaster. The pot, jack and bridge are original to the body.

The neck is 1 pc maple with a satin clear poly finish, made by Mitey Mite. I gave it a light relic treatment so it would match the body. Fender licensed with the Fender headstock. The tuners are Allparts brand 10 mm Gotoh copies.

The action is great, and this is really a great playing strat. Would be super great for pop-punk, garage rock, skate punk, just plain punk and all your rock n’ roll needs.

I printed the Hard Times logo out and used HD Clear tape to apply it. They don’t sell that sticker anymore unfortunately, and it HAD to have the Hard Times sticker, so I made one.

As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action as low as I could. This guitar has no case or gig bag, but I pack my guitars up tight and insure every package.

If you are a massive FIDLAR fan, you can’t miss this, as far as I know this and the other one I made are the only tribute clones of Zac’s “Spiderweb Strat” in the world!

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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