Silvertone / Danelectro “Tuxedo” U-1 Lipstick Electric Guitar (Black, 1959-1960)


Silvertone / Danelectro “Tuxedo” U-1 Lipstick Electric Guitar (Black, 1959-1960)


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Here for sale is a Danelectro U-1 (Silvertone Model 1419L) that has been loved and treated VERY well. These were made in the U.S. and were the pinnacle Sears and Roebuck guitar in the late 50s and early 60s. this guitar looks almost brand new, there is barely a scratch on it considering the age. 

This guitar is identical in every way to the Silvertone 1419L, which is arguably one of the most sought after dimestore guitars of all time.  

Everything is original except for the tuners. The tuners holes were enlarged somewhere along the way to modern style 10mm holes, so I installed these mid-1990s Fender modern tuners. They are assuredly an upgrade from the original tuners, which were notoriously loose and bad at holding tune. There is a small through and through hole on the headstock. I am not sure what purpose it served. 

I suspect the pinstriping might be added after the fact as well, as I cannot find another with this type of pinstriping online, but it is extremely tastefully done and looks fantastic. 

The action is amazing. Super low and comfortable. Really, the way this thing plays and how amazing it sounds, you would never know it was over 60 years old. The neck wear is the kind of “relic” that people pay hundred$ for in the boutique market. Absolutely beautiful.

In all honesty, I am not really wanting to sell it — I almost sold my 1964 Silvertone Stratotone to make room for this one, but I decided against it. If I didn’t have so much invested in it, I don’t think that I would sell it. As consequence, lowball offers will not be entertained on this listing. You are going to have to sweet talk me to get thing out of my mitts!

As always, I cleaned it up, polished the finish, oiled the board, flushed the electronics, changed the strings and set the action as low as I could. Should last another 60+ years now! This guitar has it’s original “alligator skin” chipboard case. 

Additionally, I pack my guitars up tight and insure every package for the full sale amount, so you can buy with confidence. I have about 10-12 more pictures available on request. 

This guitar is one of the guitars that got me into buying and restoring guitars. Truly an amazing instrument.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads!

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1419L U-1


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