Staff & Crew

Jack Brunson – Owner / Guitarcheologist

Jayme Brunson – Owner / Operations Manager

Jake K.

Freelance Guitarcheologist / Pedals & Effects

I bet y’all already know who this is. My apprentice, our resident Pedal Boy himself.

Jake plays guitar in Jake Kroll, ISHIKAWA and Local 58

At only 18, Jake is a masterful guitar player and a pretty competent guitar tech. When he is not working, he enjoys going to the movies and is a bit of a film buff.

This is Jake’s favorite guitar in his collection, an Eko 295 hollowbody reissue.

Jake (he/him) lives in Murfreesboro with his folks and two cats, Captain & Tenille. 🐈🐈

Cameron C.

eCommerce & Promotions

Cam is our head of e-commerce and online marketing. If you have been wondering why the online store and product photos look so good lately, that is Cam’s handywork.

Cam plays guitar and sings in Peregrihn. 

Cam is non-binary and uses “They / She” pronouns. They live in Murfreesboro with their cat Astrid. 🐈

This is Cam’s favorite guitar, an Ibanez Roadcore than they bought from me before they started working for me. 🎸

Kassidy D.

Guitarcheologist / Sales & Repairs

This is Kassidy, the newest addition to my little band of Guitarcheologists.

Kass (She / Her) has been flipping gear and setting up guitars with her dad since she was very young and is currently a student at Vol State. She has been helping with restoration, set ups, customer service and shipping/recieving.

This is her favorite guitar in her collection, a Matsumoku-made 1980s Aria Pro II Thorsound RS500.

Kass lives in Wilson Co. with her parents and Boston Terrier, Carly. 🐕

Steven the Goose 

Social Media Manager

Honk. Honk honk honk hoooonk honk. HONK. Honk honk honk hoooooonk. Honk. Honk honk honk hoooonk honk. HONK. Honk honk honk hoooooonk. 


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